Tru-Ray Optics

Manufactured using a proprietary advanced injection molding process, with high optical grade polycarbonate materials, every pair of Gatorz lenses are crafted with unmatched optical standards that exceed global sunglass standards.
Benchmarked for performance, TruRay optics represent years of research and development on lens color tints and light transmissions, which are carefully formulated by our team of product specialists to optimize visual performance for various activities, by carefully adjusting the color spectral wavelengths desired to give the most high definition vision.



Multi-layer Coatings for Enhanced Performance Include:
• Highly durable scratch resistant coating that makes Gatorz lenses 5x stronger and more scratch resistant than any other
• Hydrophobic coating that repels water, sweat, and liquids off the surface of the lens, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Oleo-phobic coating that repels grease, oil, and dirt for extreme activities, ensuring that your vision is not affected by the environment
• Anti-fog coating that prevents the inside of the lens from fogging, providing you with unrestricted vision under any condition.*
*Select styles only

UV Protection

Our lenses provide maximum protection for your eyes by blocking harmful UV rays. Unlike lenses with a UV coating, ours are built with the technology inside the lens itself, ensuring consistent protection over time.


Our polarized lens technology allows for maximum visual clarity by eliminating harmful and distracting glare. By utilizing the latest in film technology and fusing the polarization film within the lens, our polarization will never wear off like lenses with an exterior coating.

Standard Impact Resistance

Unlike traditional sunglass lenses, Gatorz are made from high quality, ballistic grade polycarbonate, which gives them unparalleled resistance. Our glasses exceed global sunglass impact resistance standards.

High Velocity Impact Resistance

Our ANSI Z87+ line meets and exceeds US safety ballistic standards, giving you the ultimate protection against impact, while providing you with the durability, comfort, and adjustability you’re familiar with. Our ANSI rated products can withstand impact from projectiles at speeds of up to 150 feet per second.