Experience the preferred eye protection choice of military and law enforcement units worldwide. Custom unit logo engraving is also available exclusively for special operations units.


Peformance Eyewear

As a military man, there is nothing I value more in combat than performance and reliability. In a game of life, death and milliseconds, it comes down to the training and gear. Gatorz Eyewear understands this level of performance.

Tu Lam

Former US Army Green Beret

Choice of the Elites

Since being in the SEAL Teams to the current moment, Gatorz has still earned my respect with bring my go to choice for eyewear.

Dom Raso

Former US Navy SEAL

Best of the Best

I have not worn another pair of sunglasses in over 10 years. I could go on about them being American Made or what kind of company they are but at the end of the day, its because they work and work better than any other brand.

Nick Koumalatsos

Former US Marine Raider (MARSOC)

Mission Driven Eyewear

Gatorz are built for mission driven people who demand excellence from themselves and expect the same from their gear. They do not disappoint.

Dave Winne